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March 2015


Demolition work has taken place so that the old kitchen no longer exists & walls have been removed.  The site of the new kitchen, with hatch, can be viewed through the window from south side of church.  Concrete floors have been excavated to allow for laying of drainage & other services.

Church Sanctuary

The Rose Window, above what used to be the raised Communion area, has been revealed. Demolition also exposed a Lancet Arch, so the design has been changed to adjust the roof beam in order to create a clear view of the Rose Window.

Design work for lighting the church interior & new exterior features, has been agreed with the consultants, as has the new AV system. Due to weak joists the new flooring in the church will be ‘beam & block’ with better insulation instead of joists. The supports for the enlarged Foyer area, at front of church, are now in place and new flooring laid in gallery where the railed area is to be ‘squared’ off.

Side extension

The size and shape of our new Reception & Office Area is now apparent.


There was a discovery of asbestos in areas not shown on original Survey, which stopped work in that area but removal is being arranged.

Time line

We are hoping that the delay will not extend the Contract period by more than a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, we are intending to continue with our Fund-raising efforts.


The Church continues to meet in the Hall and although reduced space has at times been a problem, we have coped very well, as have the users of our premises. We pray that by the time Jen returns from her Sabbatical, there will much more visible evidence of the progress made.

In order to settle the asbestos problem, we agreed that an Asbestos Consultant should visit the site and advise us and the contractors on the best way of treating the floor void, to remove or seal any trace of asbestos remaining.  

A licensed Asbestos Removal company will be responsible for removing any debris and sealing the surface of the floor void before filling the area with concrete.

The Consultant and the chosen Asbestos Removal contractor have visited the site but, at the time of writing, the final Report and Quotation for the work are still awaited.  We hope to have the figures and recommendation ready for the Special Church Meeting called for 3 May.

Little progress can be made until Westco are able to work safely in the worship area.  However, they have tried to keep working wherever possible and the new extension is up to roof level.  It seems likely that the delay will now cause the project to be extended by several weeks.

We are very grateful to those who set up the Hall ready for worship each Sunday and to those who help with the clearance afterwards.

We pray that the next report will be of great progress and of more encouraging news for us all.

April 2015

At a Special Church Meeting on 3rd May, it was agreed that we should accept the recommendation of the Asbestos Consultant and allow the encapsulation of the asbestos in the floor void of the church to be carried out, as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, this additional cost is outside of the Refurbishment Project and has to be met from Reserves.  As Westco, the Refurbishment Contractors, have not been able to work in the church, we will also be liable for ‘delay payments’.  The delays mean that the Project is now unlikely to be completed until mid-October.  The total cost for encapsulation and ‘delay’ payments would use up our Reserves, so it was decided to seek emergency financial help from The URC and also the Methodist Circuit.  Applications have now been lodged and we await decisions.

The contractors have been preparing the church sanctuary area for the encapsulation process and the Asbestos Removal Company will move in on 26th May.  When the void has been filled with concrete, the wiring and heating pipes will be laid prior to the fitting of layers of insulation and levelling of floor, before the new wood flooring is completed.

Work on the new side extension has continued and the electricians will shortly arrive to start the necessary wiring.  Rubble has been removed from the new kitchen and also from the Reception area.

There has been some work at back of church below the Rose window, where another feature has been revealed – an arch allowing better view of Rose window from front of church. The arch also gives a better design to the chancel area.  After the encapsulation is complete, the contractors will bring in additional labour and we will then see greater progress – perhaps even knocking a couple of weeks off the Project schedule?!

Other ongoing items include:- Planning permission has been sought for the exterior lighting and new notice board.  The Audio/visual scheme is being re-costed after unexpected increase in price.  The design of new doors from back of church into the rear premises is being slightly changed to meet Fire Safety regulations.

May 2015

Hopefully, this will be the last time for mentioning “Asbestos” as the problem has literally been ‘buried’!  Although the Asbestos Removal company delayed the start  of the encapsulation process, great progress has now been made and, at time of writing, they hope to complete their work by 16 June,

Westco will then be able to access the church, finish filling the floor void with concrete and proceed with levelling the floor before installing the services prior to laying the new wooden floor.

The contractors will also be able to erect scaffolding in the church, to enable an inspection of the false ceiling at the apex of the revealed arch.  They will then decide the best method of dealing with a structural issue.

Because of unexpected costs, we will need to monitor the situation carefully and, where necessary, cut back on some of the features originally intended to be part of the Project:- The oak panelling will have to be re-installed, without restoration at this time; the Audio/Visual system will be scaled back but still a great improvement on the old one; the hot air ‘curtain’ inside the enlarged vestibule has had to be scrapped, partly due to location difficulties but also cost.

Good progress has been made with the new side extension and electricians are currently installing the wiring.  The floor surface will soon be completed.

We are very grateful to the two denominations for their consideration of our applications for emergency grants, which have been partially successful.  The URC has offered us an interest-free loan of £50,000, although we are still hoping that at least some of that loan may be amended to a grant.  After our presentation at the Circuit Meeting and much discussion and questioning, the Methodist Circuit voted to allow us a £50,000 grant.

This means that we should be able to use some of our reserves for the refurbishment of Flat 3a, so that it might be let at a commercial rent.  However, we have to obtain up-to-date figures from our Quantity Surveyor before embarking on this project.  There are still some unexpected costs which need to be quantified, one being the ‘delay’ payments due to the contractors, incurred due to the completion date having to be extended to mid-November.

We are continuing with our Fund-Raising and have been greatly encouraged by the latest effort arranged by our Junior Church.  The children and parents had a homemade cake sale last Sunday and raised the magnificent sum of £156.  A big thank you to all concerned.  The children have now launched their ‘smartie tube’ appeal by inviting us to take a tube, eat the smarties and then fill & return the tube with 20ps – actually £1 coins also fit!  If you have any ideas for fundraising, please have a word with any member of the Church Council or Refurbishment Steering Group.  Thank you.

June 2015

The asbestos in the floor has now been contained and work is now progressing. Below are pictures of what the worship area of the church looks like now.

July 2015

Work in the Church Sanctuary has been progressing well, with electricians and plasterers very much in evidence.  Due to the unstable condition of plaster on the east wall where the arch has been revealed, plasterboard has been fitted. This will allow a level surface to be prepared, ready for painting.

Security installation of the intruder alarm and entry system, along with fire alarms, is currently in progress.

The oak frames for the main front doors have been ordered and a revised design of the doors in the east wall will enable these to be prepared.  In accordance with the decision of the Council Building Control Officer, vision panels need to be included.

The Induction Loop cable has been installed and other A/V cables will be laid before floor screeding is carried out.  This is due to be completed by mid August.

Final services work is underway in the new kitchen and all Fixtures and Fittings will be installed during August.

Planning Consent for the exterior lighting and notice board has been granted.  Exterior landscaping work at the front of church will also commence in August.  This will include demolition of the 'glass' porch.

The new extension at the north side of the church is almost complete.  The partitions erected allow you to see the size of the office, minister's vestry and reception area.

We are starting to get very excited at the thought of 'final' touches, colours and yes, seats!  Hazel has arranged for various samples to be tested in situ and more are to come.  Thoughts are already crowding in as to what form the grand re-opening will take.  Any ideas welcome!

Fundraising continues and we were delighted with the support for the BBQ, which was enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to Richard and Josh who hosted the event at the Acton manse, on what turned out to be a warm and sunny evening.  Thanks to all who attended or offered contributions, helping to raise £400.  The children's 'smartie tube' appeal has proved to be very successful with the total of £280 raised to date.  

Please continue to fill and return the tubes with 20ps or £1 coins.  We would still welcome any other ideas for fundraising, so please have a word with any member of the Church Council or Refurbishment Steering Group. Thank you.


The most noticeable changes can be seen outside the front of church – the glass porch has been removed; the ramp demolished; the garden dug up as has the pathway down the north side of the building.

Electrical work continues in the Church, most of the plastering has been done and a ‘colour test’ painting of part of one wall is ready for inspection.

Work on ‘squaring off’ the gallery enables us to see the size of the enlarged entrance lounge. This will be an ideal space for use by Groups and for fellowship over coffee, after a church service.

The new boilers have been installed and although the entire system will not be in operation for a while, we hope that the contractors will enable us to have manual control over the heating in the rear premises, ready for a cold spell.

Work in progress:- fitting out the kitchen; re-fitting of the wood panelling in the Church; installation of the Security entry system with Intruder and Fire alarms; fitting out the reception area in the new extension.

Although the latest ‘prediction’ for completion is mid to late October, this will depend on delivery of the new front doors. Apparently, construction is taking longer than envisaged, so handover may be early November.

Fund-raising continues and the children’s ‘smartie tube’ appeal has proved to be very successful with the total of £600 raised to date. Please continue to fill and return the tubes with 20ps or £1 coins. We would still welcome any other ideas for fundraising, so please have a word with any member of the Church Council or

Refurbishment Steering Group. Thank you.

Keep the weekend of 9/10 January free, as we plan to have a Grand reopening ceremony and Thanks giving Service.

Design choices continue, and kitchen, lighting, and audio visual (AV) design are now well advanced. The kitchen design will include an accessible sink, hob, and oven also an extra large range with wide over for catering sized trays; a hard wearing, attractive shaker style for the units, and a black granite effect countertop. The pictures are not a final design, in other words, but show the style and space to good effect.

Since Christmas the foundations for the new extension building have been dug, and we have good news that they passed the first buildings inspection on 21 Jan with flying colours.

Right now, we are awaiting final figures for the different floor designs, having discovered there was more work there than anticipated.

February 2015

For more pictures of the kitchen design and refurbishment plans, follow  this link.

October 2015

Not quite there yet! Practical completion was supposed to be Monday 23rd but was been put back until Friday 27th. Even if church is finished – pendant lights to be fitted, electrics connected to entrance system, front doors to be fitted (problem in closing) – the front exterior still needs a lot more work.

We have been granted use of the new kitchen so we can have warm food at our Potluck lunch. We still have to fix a date for moving back into the church. We will need a working party to move back stored items. The order has gone in for new chairs but we will have to make do with old ones for several weeks. We will have to ensure that chairs have the rubber ‘feet’ so they do not damage the new floor.

The entire wood flooring gets its second ‘oiling’ on Tuesday. It is all looking very good but need to be patient. We had training days arranged but in the event, the only training so far has been the new heating system. This was quite exciting, seeing the new boiler room looking like a set out of Dr Who. We will eventually be able to set heating remotely from home computers. We still have to be told about the new entrance system, the fire and intruder system and the lighting controls including dimmers.

Almost there

Colin Hatherall

November 2015
2016 Refurbishment 
is now complete.
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